4 Categories of Fencing. Privacy, Decorative, Security & Pool.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy…typically 6 feet tall, we can build your privacy fence from either vinyl or wood. Vinyl fencing is placed in holes that are 3 feet deep. All line posts are placed in 60 pounds of concrete and since gates are the bane of the fencing industries existence, we use 120 pounds of concrete on gate posts. Whether it’s wood or vinyl, we intentionally over engineer our gates. Build it right the first time should be the mantra in all construction and fencing is no different.

Decorative Fencing

Decorative … the options in decorative fencing are limited only by your imagination.  Wood, vinyl and aluminum are used frequently in this capacity and we bring our own innate creativity to every project in an effort to help you achieve the results you’re after.

Security Fencing

Security … is typically an open picket design and aluminum tends to be the choice when it comes to security fencing.

Pool Fencing

Pool … pool code is very specific in fence height requirements (at least 48” tall) spacing between pickets and distance from the ground to the bottom rail. There are many choices of style in both vinyl and aluminum. Pool code fence also must include self-closing hinges and latches.