Wood Fence Solution

We love building wood fences. In a time when the vast majority of homeowners are choosing white vinyl, we feel that wood fencing has its place. If properly built and maintained, you can get 15 to 20 years out of your wood fence.

We source our lumber from mills and yards, who specialize in just one thing … WOOD. As a result, we stack the deck in your favor by loading our trailers with higher quality materials.  We’re not arriving at your house with stapled panels that include 1/2 “ pickets and 2×3 rails which will sag in just a few short years. We use 4×4 line posts and 4×6 gate posts. We build our panels with 2×4 rails and nothing less than 5/8 pickets. We use a ring shanked, glue coated nail … not staples. In most cases, we prefer to “stick build” from the ground up. However, in some situations, it makes sense to prebuild the panel at the shop.

We especially love building custom wood fences. You can literally show us a picture of a fence you found in a Google search and we’ll build it.  If you’re goal is a unique fence that make’s a statement by letting your creativity flow, our job is to facilitate and execute your imagination.