Vinyl Fence Solutions

You need look no further than your own neighborhood to see that the vast majority of privacy fence buyers are choosing white vinyl these days. Vinyl fencing comes in both recycled and virgin vinyl iterations. Recycled is a more affordable alternative but virgin vinyl seems to hold up better over time. Vinyl fence manufacturers offer strong material warranties. A typical warranty is a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” with some manufacturers adding a onetime transferable feature.

Vinyl fence comes in several different colors including a wood grain look. The darker the color the more prone it is to fading. Like everything else, you get what you pay for and color processes are not all created equal. Higher end, virgin vinyl fence manufacturers even warranty their color process against fade.

Vinyl fencing pricing has slowly dropped over the years to a point where the difference in cost between wood and vinyl is no longer as big of a jump as in years past. Many customers site the maintenance free aspect of vinyl as a top consideration when buying vinyl, all though it still requires a wash down from time to time. The quickest way to ruin the finish on your brand new vinyl fence is to subject it to constant drowning in well or reclaimed water so thoughtful placement of irrigation sprinkler heads and the type of pattern it throws is encouraged.