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Fence Rehab is an intentionally small, family owned and operated company, building quality fence, of all types, in the Tampa / St Petersburg region. With nearly three decades of collective experience in the fence industry, we are equally at home in both the residential and commercial arenas. Vinyl … aluminum … wood or chain link … standard and basic or custom from the ground up … we are proficient and capable in all mediums.

As a homeowner, you have countless options when it comes to choosing a contactor. Whether we are talking about plumbing, electrical, windows, roofing, pavers, landscaping or fencing, we’ve all experienced the time consuming, mind numbing process of sifting through those options.

You know the drill … It typically starts with an on line search, in an effort to narrow down the field, navigating your way through all of the “make it easy” websites. You’ve chosen your three possible suspects and begin the process of setting “free estimate” appointments. Now the real fun begins. You sit down and make a multitude of phone calls, bang out a bunch of text messages and emails. If you’re lucky, it will take you a few days to simply set three appointments. Now that you’ve made those appointments you sit back and wait, hoping to emerge relatively unscathed by unreturned phone calls and no show appointments … after you’ve carved out the “between 8am and noon” or noon to 4pm” slots of your valuable time.


Call Fence Rehab at 727-587-0030 or drop us an email at We will get back to you no later than the following morning.


Set your appointment … choose a specific time … not a four-hour window of time.


That’s it … less than an hour from start to finish. Obviously, custom projects … which we love doing … can take a bit more time.

That’s it … less than an hour from start to finish. Obviously, custom projects … which we love doing … can take a bit more time.

We keep this thing simple. Our “True North” is our customer’s satisfaction. To that end, we show up on time with a positive attitude, clean up our job site and most importantly take the time to manage the details and bumps that are inevitable in any type of construction. Ownership shows up at every job to insure your project is going as planned.

Fence Rehab Florida - ElwoodLastly … sitting in the middle of our logo is “Elwood” the dog. Elwood has deep meaning to us. In our business 80% of our customers are dog owner / lovers. We have a soft spot in our heart for all animals and we do everything we can to get your property buttoned up in a timely fashion, so your “Elwood” can get back out in the yard, all safe and secure.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and how we do business. Building a fence can be a chaotic experience and we go the extra mile to reduce the chaos to a minimum. When we leave, you’ll have a beautiful fence that you will enjoy for years to come.