Fence Materials

Vinyl Fence

You need look no further than your own neighborhood to see that the vast majority of privacy fence buyers are choosing white vinyl these days. Vinyl fencing comes in both recycled and virgin vinyl iterations. Learn more about our Vinyl solutions.

Wood Fence

We love building wood fences. In a time when the vast majority of homeowners are choosing white vinyl, we feel that wood fencing has its place. If properly built and maintained, you can get 15 to 20 years out of your wood fence. Learn more about our wood solutions!

Aluminum Fence

Most often found in poolside and front yard applications, aluminum fencing is a popular choice when security takes top priority over privacy. Learn more about our aluminum solutions!

Chain Link Fence

What can we say about chain link fence? It’s about as sturdy as it gets, comes in virtually any height you need and is also offered with a vinyl coating which is very effective when trying to blend your fence into the background. Learn more about our chain link solutions!

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